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At AKIT Consulting Services, we specialize in empowering businesses through cutting-edge technology solutions and business consultancy in Ashburn, Virginia. We offer a full spectrum of services tailored to meet your business needs.

Cloud Services

To ease the process of everyday business functioning and to fix some of the biggest challenges…

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Cloud-Native Services

Built as small software programs, also called microservices, cloud-native applications…

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Data Platforms & Intelligence

For making better decisions in business in this modern era of technology, data-driven intelligence…

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Automation & AI

Automation (AI) works in combination with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)…

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Web Development

A website is a requirement for a business to rapidly experience growth and achieve brand recognition…

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Scrum Masters

If your business is just getting started, scrums help you and your teams to deliver value…

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Project Management

Project Management is a process. It is an organized methodology of applying skills, methods…

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DevOps favors your business customers by enabling reliable applications, IT operations, quality…

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Microservices have a cloud-native architectural approach that has many independent components or services…

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Salesforce is a huge, reliable cloud-based CRM software exclusively designed to help businesses to offer…

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